Robson Vets Ltd - Farm & Equine Services

A wide variety of Farm and Equine Services are also available at Robson Vets Ltd.


For our slightly larger patients we have facilities at our Hospital in Laurencekirk for hospitalising animals such as calves, as well as a stable where horses can recover from the surgical procedures performed in our specifically designed equine knock down box.


We have a vet on call 24/7 to deal with all farming and equine patients.


We have a wide variety of Farm & Equine Services available at Robson Vets, including:


Farm Services:


-         Heard Health Plans

-         Cattle Health Scheme, i.e. PCHS & Biobest for Johnes, BVD, IBR and Leptospirosis screening

-         Worm & Fluke Checks

-         Herd & Bull Fertility & Pregnancy Testing

-         Mineral Profiles

-       Dehorning and castration



-         Flock Health Plans

-         Sheep Health Schemes – EAE & MV

-         Abortion Investigation and post mortems

-         Mineral Profiles

-         Worm & Fluke Checks



-         Flock Health Plans & Advice

-         Site visits for medicated feedstuff regulations


We also work with Pet Pigs & Goats as well as Backyard Poultry


Equine Services:

-         Routine vaccinations for Flu & Tetanus

-         Worm Control and dung sampling

-         Dental Care – tooth rasping

-         Lameness Investigations

-         Radiography

-         Castration and minor surgery


Below are some of the animals we encounter at local farms: